Discipleship Groups & Clusters

These are our smaller home-based groups typically of 8 –12 people meeting weekly or fortnightly for prayer, mutual support and encouragement.
These groups form for a period and purpose, these could be around age, lifestage or shared interests.  

Discipleship groups come together to form Clusters which have a missional outreach purpose.

If you would like to join a group or start one of your own, please speak to one of our Cluster Leaders.

Peter & Rachel  -  Connect Cluster: email

Rick & Becky  -  Young Families Cluster: email
Rich  Becky 3

Andy & Vanessa, Wendy & Tiff  -  Growing Pains Cluster: email
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Catherine & Peter  -  Prime Cluster: email
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Brian & Viv - Thursday Generation Cluster: 
Brian Snelling 2